Successfully stepping up into our 2nd year!

As summer winds down, IMCA is also stepping into 2nd year of our quality Coaching of Chess. You can feel the energy shift all around us. Ignited Minds was started with the intention to give quality coaching at chess and to reach urban areas and initiate, implement and creating Talent at state, National and International. We are in the beginning of our path and yet to achieve milestones.

This is the time we set new goals about things we want to learn, accomplish, and change in the upcoming year. Thus far we have conducted coaching camp and Online tournaments across Globe. IMCA have also produced State, National and district level Champions. We are extremely happy to announce that IMCA has expanded from single branch to 4 branches in a year, Branches in Kolathur, Periyar Nagar, Thiruverkadu, T-nagar.

It would have not happened without you all. IMCA have the best instructors Offering a wealth of Knowledge in the game of chess and implementing those critical thinking skills in the academic scene and over the boards .IMCA promises that one can see their kid’s transformation evident in few months. I am grateful and thankful to all the persons who have given me an unconditional support. I owe my special thanks to my Parents, friends, Fellow Instructor, my beloved students, and their parents.

Hoping to have a huge group of Ignited minds in upcoming years!!!

June 6, 2020