Ignited Mind offers the best experience for your kids to learn chess wherever they may be. We help the kids to learn the most essential skills such as Time management, Strategic Planning, Critical thinking etc. with the experienced instructors on board while playing chess and having fun. And the best part is you can see the transformation of your kids is evident in few weeks.

Ignited Mind was started with the intention to give quality coaching at chess and to reach urban areas and initiate, implement and creating Talent at state, National and International.

IMCA has expanded from single branch to 4 branches in a year, Branches in Kolathur, Periyar Nagar, Thiruverkadu, T-nagar. Been part of coaching across 25 Student in academies and 152 Students in Velammal schools, VGN Chinmaya and Little Einstein Playschool. It is going to become a huge group of Ignited Mind in upcoming years. Coaching students via online and individually where both has the same result and given utmost care and quality coaching for the best of the skills.

We've have created courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with a comprehensive study plan.

IMCA has Conducted:
  • Coaching Camp.
  • 2 Online tournaments during this outbreak situation, with 25 titled players and leading Players across India and received positive feedbacks from all the Players

IMCA owns “The chess school”, which give us powerful new online capabilities that can make our teaching more effective, increase the visibility, maximize the success and impact of our programs. This offers to Manage our students online – & get parents involved at the same time, Offer 24/7 access to learning from desktops, tablets, or smart phones.

Some of our Achievements in 1 year :
  • Kumar–Champion in 25 Nationals and 25 State, Won Cycle TMT,
  • Hemanth Ram - State junior 2nd runner Up
  • Adhithya.S - Kerala Rapid 5th place
Tiruvallur district chess Tournament -
  • Sayyam Jain Won 2nd Place In U-9 Boys!
  • Maadhini – Won 3rd in u-8 Girls
  • Vaishnavi 4/6 rounds in u-8 Girls
Aadhitya International public-school Chess tournament:
  • Sana Siraj Won the title in u-9 girls’ category
  • Vaishnavi 4th place
  • M.R. Yazhini u-10 champion
Next level chess academy
  • Sana Siraj Champion u-9 girls
  • Vaishnavi 2nd place
  • M.R. Yazhini u-10 girls champion
  • Deepesh Siraj runner

About us

Ignited Mind offers the best experience for your kids to learn chess wherever they may be.

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    6PM - 8.30PM
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    11AM - 1PM

Contact Us

Kolathur Branch
4/9, 4th Main Rd, Thirupathi Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600099

Periyar Nagar Branch
Little Einstein Play School, 600, No.6/1-14,Subramania Nagar,I st street,(Next to Anjugam Nagar Ration Shop), Kolathur, 099, 18th St, Kolathur, Chennai 600082